Built up by organs, guitars, buzzing, humming and clever melodies, the Swedish duo Lymland has created a world on their own with their music since 2011. The music is written by Sonja Perander and Jerker Kaj and recorded in collaboration with other musicians. The music is characterized by honesty and simplicity, but also sprawling in an intriguing way between instruments like accordion and clarinet and amplified guitars and synthesizers. A movement between harmony and discord, melancholy and consolation.

Video / Films

Video: Jazzdemokrati (2019)

Live Session: Rabbit Hole (2017)

Short Film: Wooden Zoo by Tilman Dominka (2017)

Video: Explosiv pysventil (2017)

Video: Isbrytaren & Finländaren (2015)

Video: Snubbelfot (2015)

Video: Sista sömnen (2012)

Video: Söndagstråkigt (2012)

Live session: Pool sessions (2012)


Tonrum (2019)

Söder (2017)

Rymdar (2015)

Ensamtidsroman (2012)

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